2016 – 2017 Season Preview

Despite the humidity and heat outside, the start of fall is almost upon us. The public school kids are back in classes, and the IU students fill our streets once more. The start of another academic year is exciting, but nowhere near as exciting as the year of entertainment Bloomington can expect in 2016-2017 season! The offerings put up by the university and the local organizations have me practically skipping with excitement. Read more

All Bloomington’s a Stage

Hello all! I am your host, Jennifer. Welcome to Bravo, Bloomington!: a blog that celebrates the surprisingly rich performance arts culture I found when I moved to Bloomington, IN, seven years ago. Like numerous other people, I came to Bloomington for school. At the time, I was a bright-eyed, incoming PhD candidate with grandiose dreams of changing the world one academic article on Renaissance drama at a time. Born in Michigan and raised in Texas, I knew very little about Indiana. In Michigan, Indiana was only memorable in that it wasn’t Michigan, and we liked to make fun of that fact. Oh but Michiganders did like to cross the border every once in a while to visit the natives. Those Amish folks made some fantastic quilts and furniture. For Texans, Indiana is just one of those little states somewhere in the middle of the US. Indiana could never measure up to Texas, but then most states couldn’t. Texas was its own country, you know! Read more