A Symphonic Fairy Tale

The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra is a treasure of the Bloomington music and performing arts scene. For their forty-seventh year, the BSO gives us Once Upon a Time, a season dedicated to music as a form of story-telling. In honor of this theme, I, too, want to tell a story, one about the history of the BSO, and it starts, as all good stories do, with…


Once upon a time (1969 to be exact), an ambitious young man named Geoffrey Simon left his home in Melbourne, Australia, to study music at Indiana University. During his first semester, Simon discovered, to his dismay, that this little town of Bloomington offered very few opportunities for musical performance outside of the university.  Rather than just be discouraged by what he found, this impetuous graduate student decided start a community symphony orchestra open to all serious musicians regardless of their profession.

Simon soon Read more

New Reference Page for Bloomington Performance Organizations

Hello all, I’ve put together a new page on the blog with a listing of performance groups and organizations in and around Bloomington. I am hoping that someday the list will be comprehensive, but as of now, it is definitely a work in progress. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any groups or organizations I may have overlooked or were unaware, please let me know. I will add them as soon as I can.

Big Hair, Big Attitude, and an Even Bigger Heart: A Review of Cardinal Stage’s Production of Ann

Ann, Cardinal Stage’s first offering for the 2016-2017 season, is a one woman show about the life and legend of Ann Richards, the first (well, not really) female governor of the great state of Texas. The combination of Holland Taylor’s engaging, funny, and heartfelt script and Diane Kondrat’s well-timed, well-acted performance brought Ann’s wit and intelligence to life on that stage causing the audience to laugh along with Ann during both her trials and success.

This play was a real treat for this displaced Texan. Even though I was born in Michigan and have lived the past several years in Indiana, I still consider myself a Texan. The Texan in me is always present. I believe that “ya’ll” is not only a perfectly acceptable pronoun, but it is the best way to specify the second person plural. My drawl is always hiding just below the surface, to be brought out when my perfectly measured Midwest accent just won’t do. So for me, the play had a certain nostalgia to it; it almost made me feel like I was back home. Read more