Happy Holidays!

We are so close to the holiday break that I can almost taste my mom’s sugar cookies. While there are still many performances happening during the next few weeks, Bravo, Bloomington! will be on vacation until after the new year.

Bravo, Bloomington! hopes that you have a happy holiday season full of good food, good people, and good performances. See you again in the New Year!

Watch Out Little Fritzy; the Krampus are going to get you!

Yesterday morning, I woke up from the strangest dream. There I was watching a performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker when a monstrous Krampus with curled horns danced onstage to punish that mean older brother, Fritz, for torturing his poor, little sister, Clara, with a dead mouse and breaking her beloved nutcracker. The Krampus grabs him by the ear and gives him a good swat with a switch before sending him off to bed. Clara is shocked and a little scared by the monster standing in front of her, but he gently takes her hand and leads her to the land of sweets, where he accompanies the Sugar Plum Fairy in a moving and graceful dance. As the audience gave its standing ovation, I woke up thinking, “What the hell…?”

I shouldn’t have been too surprised because the night before I got a good dose of both thanks to Bloomington’s Krampus Night and Indiana University’s production of The Nutcracker. The movement from one to the other may seem like an insane culture shock, but I see it as a representation of the huge variety of performance events Bloomington has to offer. The drastic differences in the two highlight the fun and artistry in each. Whereas, Krampus night was a fire-breathing, light-flashing, scream-inducing, monster-filled extravaganza, The Nutcracker was a magic-inducing, breath-taking, awe-inspiring tutu-filled creation that made my heart race just as face as when a Krampus lunged toward me and roared. Read more

It’s a Wonderful Community with Monroe County Civic Theater

Last night at the opening performance of Monroe County Civic Theater’s Christmas extravaganza It’s a Wonderful Life, I got a prime example of why I love Bloomington performing arts: it creates a sense of community. MCCT teamed up with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church to bring to the stage a Christmas classic that celebrates the love and support found in a close knit community. It’s a Wonderful Life is not just the story of George Bailey’s struggle, loss of faith, and ultimate recognition of his worth, but also it is a story of a community that comes together to help each other in times of crisis and to revel with each other in times of celebration. As much as George’s absence affects the health and well-being of Bedford Falls, the town itself affected the man George became.

Similarly, the MCCT production brought together various groups and individuals from the community to build a wonderful experience for all. Read more