I Am Busy. Oh, So Busy…

Hello Bravo, Bloomington! readers. I have been quiet ever since the holidays, but I assure you it is not because I have been idle. In fact, I have been insanely busy working on that which I love most, writing about theater. I have several projects in the works. BPP, Cardinal, and IU theater are all opening new shows in the next few weeks. I have plans to attend and review all three of these shows. I am super excited about all of them because they hit some major nerd loves of mine. The BPP is putting on Row after Row, a new play about Civil War historical re-enactment, which is a type of performance that has always intrigued me on an intellectual level. As a huge fan of anything drag, Cardinal’s The Legend of Georgia McBride, about an Elvis impersonator turned drag queen, makes me giddy with excitement. The Renaissance nerd in me is also very excited for IU’s production of The Duchess of Malfi, a gruesome tragedy featuring a female protagonist and her evil brothers. In addition, I will be attending a play reading by the Faculty Drama Reading Club in the next few weeks. So much theater, and so little time.

In other big news, this blog has attracted the attention of a local publication for whom I am working on a writing project. I will post more about this later, but let’s just say it’s already been a great experience, and I’m so excited to share that with you soon.

If I wasn’t busy enough, my husband and I just bought our first house, and we are moving during this next week. If I survive all of this and my regular day job, I will reward myself with at least a few days of nothing but binge watching Star Trek and napping.

But until then, stay tuned. There is a lot coming your way!