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Thank you for joining me, Jennifer Pacenza, at Bravo, Bloomington! As you may be able to tell, I love theater and performance. I been an avid fan ever since I saw my first production of Macbeth at a local college while in high school. Looking back, it may have not been the most amazing production of Shakespeare’s Scottish play, but it sparked a love and interest in both the bard and theater in general. Thanks to inspiring teachers, my love of theater expanded to include not only Shakespeare and his Renaissance compatriots, but also medieval mystery plays, crude restoration comedies, and more modern works by Samuel Becket, Tom Stoppard, Henry David Hwang, Paula Vogel, and Sarah Ruhl. The end result of being able to enjoy all of this fun literature was obtaining Master’s degrees in both English literature and library sciences. I moved on to pursue a PhD in literature at Indiana University, where I am focusing on Renaissance drama, performance studies, and early science.

I have held many jobs in and outside of academia, including working as an academic librarian, a ghost writer, writing instructor, and creator and teacher of an intro to drama class. Right now, I am taking on an exciting new venture in building my own freelance business. If you are interested in my freelance services, please visit my personal website at  http://jenniferpacenza.com.

When not watching and writing about theater and performance, I enjoy spending time playing Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder with my husband and son, walking my overly excited weenie dog, listening to NPR quiz shows, and reading Wonder Woman comics.