Double the Pleasure: IU’s Summer Repertory Theater

For me, there are few things more rewarding than losing myself in the lively action and joyous laughter of a well-staged, well-crafted play. When done right, an enjoyable play can make the troubles and anxieties of the everyday just melt away. Right now, Indiana University Summer Theater gives not one but two opportunities to forget our cares and throw ourselves into another world with Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost and Jane Austen’s Persuasion (adapted for the stage by Jennifer LeBlanc).

During the month of July, Indiana University Summer Theater presents two shows in the repertory style. Typically during the school year, productions are staged one at a time allowing the actors, directors, and assistants to focus on one individual production before moving on to another. Each production typically features a unique cast, crew, staging, and scenery. Repertory theater, on the other hand, is a form of theater where the cast and crew keep a stock or repertoire of shows prepped and always ready for performance.

For IU’s summer theater, this means that one group of actors prepares two different shows, and they alternate performing one then the other for three weeks. The audience may only be vaguely aware that something is a little different. They have the opportunity to see a wider variety of plays in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes they can see two different plays in one day. Audiences may also notice familiar faces as the actors from yesterday’s Love’s Labour’s Lost perform in today’s Persuasion. Read more